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Accueil GéosciencesSpécialité Géologie de l’Exploration et des Réservoirs (GER)
Montpellier participe à IBA 2015
mardi 3 février
Une équipe du Master Géologie des Réservoirs de Montpellier participe au concours international de l’Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) organisé par l’AAPG. Demi-finale à Prague du 18 au 20 Mars 2015.
Spécialité Géologie de l’Exploration et des Réservoirs (GER)


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One of the top applied Master in Geology with a focus on Reservoirs Geology.

Since the first 2004 Class, graduates have had an unparalleled employment record in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries both in France and worldwide. Additional and significant positions are found within the environmental industry (renewable energy, CO2 capture & storage, geothermal resources, gas storage, water resources...) and in government and non-government agencies. Finally, 10% to 25% graduates undertake a PhD in geosciences.

The Master Géologie de l’Exploration et des Réservoirs fills society needs for the 21st Century by providing specialists in Geology who contribute to :
- Exploration and supply of energy, mineral and water resources ;
- Safe burial or temporary storage of fluids in underground reservoirs ;
- Improved knowledge in reservoirs architecture and dynamics, in order to optimise recovery and durability of resources, as well as to enforce environment safety.

Graduates are able to characterize, constrain, model and forecast reservoir architecture and dynamics ; they integrate environment requirements as from the first stages of exploration, and throughout the whole exploration-production process.

An integrated two-year curriculum

The 2 years programme starts in early September and is made of 4 six-months-periods.

The first two periods (year 1) of structured teaching comprise intensive treatment of the fundamental skills in geology. This provides the students with the “building blocks” of Earth Sciences, with particular focus on basin analysis, sedimentology, tectonics, geodynamics, stratigraphy,...) and intensive fieldworks (around Montpellier, in Spain, in Morocco). Teaching in the field represents 1/4 of the curriculum.

The third period (year 2) consists in applying these skills to oil & gas and mineral reservoirs, using exploration tools : borehole geophysics, seismic and sequence stratigraphy, 2D-3D seismic interpretation, tectonic restorations, basin modelling, ... Most courses are taught by professionals from companies and agencies (Schlumberger, Total, Beicip, British Gas, Eliis, Techsia, Areva, Eramet, BRGM, etc...). Students enjoy special access to the most advanced and specific softwares, as well as sets of real geological data provided through industrial sponsorship.

The fourth and last part of the programme (year 2) is a six months internship mostly in the industry, some in scientific laboratories. This makes a large part of the student assessment. Internship can be found in companies in France, in Europe or in the world. Students submit a written report for assement, and they graduate in end-September, with a public defense in front of a jury made of teachers, supervisors and professionals.

Le contenu de la formation est détaillé ici/here