I completed my internship at the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Perth, Australia. I worked on the assessment of potential sealing of faults for CO2 sequestration and exploration of conventional hydrocarbons. I got this internship thanks to a former student of the Master GER who worked there. She gave me the e-mail address of one of the managers and I got the internship 3 days later only ! This has been a real opportunity to discover a new country (Australia), but also a new culture and a different working environment. To tell the truth I did not prepare myself at all, an experience is always more exciting when it is improvised. When I arrived in Australia I did not know where to sleep and my English was awkward. But you have to adapt !! And I must say that I did not spend much time adapting because Perth is a really a welcoming city where the main word is « NO WORRIES ». There are no problems, only solutions.

Once graduated I was hired at Schlumberger Montpellier where I am a Sales Support Engineer for Techlog software. I assure the correct functioning of the new developments of Techlog by carrying out tests and I also ensure transmission to the support of the questions of clients regarding the software.

My current job fully meets my expectations because I work in the world of oil services. This was my goal when I applied to the Master GER in Montpellier. In addition I am in frequent contact with developers as well as with customers throughout the world. I sincerely believe that geosciences jobs have a future because the world always needs energy resources. The exploitation of hydrocarbons also undergoes major changes with the exploitation of shale gas and the exploration of sub-salt formations for instance. There is also the demand for minerals, which is still on the rise. These current upheavals lead to an increase in demand for skilled personnel in the field of geosciences.