The Master GER brought me knowledge about well data or the use of software such as Petrel, Kingdom and GeoFrame (the latter was used during my 6 month internship). They are software that I use daily now. In addition, the knowledge of the oil field and the reservoirs allow me to better understand the data I am working on at GDF-Suez (ENGIE). The master favors the teamwork, the ability of synthesize the work and the critical sense which are essential in a professional environment.

During my internship I worked on well data from an IODP survey acquired 2 months before. They were fresh , non interpreted and not published data. This was a very exciting challenge. I learned a lot about the architecture of the contourite systems and the signature of the sequences visible on well imagery (FMS). The skills gained from this internship enabled me to have my first position as a data loader only 5 months after my graduation. And 1 year after I got a new position at GDF-Suez (ENGIE).

Data loading involves taking care of everything from receiving data to creating projects. The Data Loader maintains the database as well as loads it in the different softwares. This may include various tasks related to archiving, coordinate systems, or the writing of documents explaining the rules to be followed by people using the data. The data loading does not has good press with the young graduates. Data loading can be a transition before evolving to a geologist. Then you can do a better job as you know all potential problems occurring in a project interpretation.

Being a woman does not make any difference as I am now a data manager, leading a team. This gives me more responsibilities in terms of choices. I still aim at evolving, probably move to a geologist position within the next 2-3 years.