During my second year at the school of mines in Ales I was learning about courses that could open the field of Petroleum and Mines in Geology. I quickly learned that a partnership between the school and the Master GER had just been signed. I wanted to reinforce my training as an engineer in Geology in order to open the doors of the Petroleum domain in addition to the mining domain. Having a bi-diploma in Geology & Production of resources is essential as these two domains are closely interrelated. Indeed, it is necessary to constantly make the link to optimize as much as possible the exploitation of the raw materials.

I spent 1 year at the university and I would like to say that I have been very well received in the promotion and I want to greatly thank again the students (friends I am always in contact with) and all the teaching staff (also friends ^^).

After my graduation I had the opportunity to got a full-time employment in Africa. As the Master GER focuses on working abroad (meetings with multinational groups, international speakers sharing experience, projects on international geology) I felt ready to live this adventure and to meet all the proposed challenges. From now I want to continue expand my experience by solving new problems. Geology is an integral part of my work, but my double Geology & Production ability is useful daily.

For example, when a mine fire is planned, it is necessary to first study the geotechnical and structural characteristics of the rocks in order to make a good firing plan. Also, when geologists wish to develop production, they define levels containing gold. But it is necessary to take into account the technical possibility of exploitation according to the availability of machines, the design of the pit or the objectives of productivity of the machines.

I am now open to all opportunities and challenges, and wish to continue to develop my skills.