What is your Curriculum?

I have a Bachelor’s degree entitled « Geology Biology Environment, specialty Geosciences » from the University of Montpellier. Afterwards I did the master « Earth Dynamics and Natural Hazards » in this same university. During my studies, I did two internships within a private company (FUGRO GEOTER). The first one showed me aspects of the job expected from an engineer geologist in their underground laboratory in Meuse – Haute Marne. My second internship took place in the R & D department of the same company. In particular, I worked on topics such as the impact of scale laws on maximum magnitude used for seismic hazard studies. This internship allowed me to combine geology and seismology. Today, I do a PhD thesis at the University of Ottawa in geophysics with Pascal Audet.

What is your current employment?

My research focuses on the deformation of the Beaufort Sea and the Canadian Arctic in order to answer questions like: is it possible to know how the lithosphere reacts to the collision of the Yakutat block with the North American margin under the northern part of the Canadian Cordillera? Or does the deformation at depth (in the upper mantle) control the deformation processes at the surface? I decipher earthquake records (raw data delivered by seismogram). For this, I apply different methods of signal processing.

Which skills are required?

I need knowledge in geophysics, geodynamics and geology. This also requires IT skills and basic knowledge in programming (matlab, python, …). In addition, you have to know how to work autonomously but also in teams. Synthesizing information is a very important skill during the process of writing of scientific articles.

How has you Master’s degree prepared you to your current employment?

The DTRN master helped me to develop my scientific curiosity. During the courses, we tackled concepts that are useful to me every day. In this curriculum, the emphasis is on teamwork, writing scientific reports and practicing oral exercise. These are skills that I use on a daily basis.