I am from CONGO Brazzaville. I heard about the Master GER for the first time thanks to a hiring department of one of the biggest oil companies in my country. They advised me to apply for this curriculum. When I arrived in France, the administrative procedures were not easy. It was necessary to find time between two courses for appointments with the immigration services, health insurance and various subscriptions. Integration was also difficult. As it was my first time in France everything seemed odd, food, climate, culture and other students never make the first move towards you. It is necessary to get closer to others to better integrate, but after a few months I have perfectly adapted to this new life.

The Master GER gave me a lot, particularly in field geology, on numerical tools too (a lot of softwares used during the projects), on teamwork and, above all, I acquired skills in synthesis through the different team projects. Today these different skills help me a lot in my daily work in the company. I went back to my country of origin to complete a 6-month internship in a company whose objectives was to study the heterogeneities in turbiditic reservoirs due to the presence of injectites in the Congo basin. I had to analyze well data and interpret well imagery to understand the origin and location of sand injectites. This work allowed to better forecast these heterogeneities within the reservoir.

The quality of the work carried out enabled me to be hired as soon as I graduated. I integrated the geoscience teams of Total E & P Congo as a junior geologist. In the short term I want to quickly master the work of a reservoir geologist, develop my technical skills in geophysics and reservoir operations. In the longer term I wish to become a referent for the geological characterization of reservoirs and their modeling. Perhaps in 10 years I will hold a position of responsibility in the geoscience management of Total E & P Congo, who knows? I will in any case apply myself to gather the experience necessary to achieve this goal.