My taste for travel and discovery pushed me to seek a 6 month internship abroad. Moreover, I wanted to orient myself towards the Mine sector because it is a sector expanding globally and one of the few that still allows to do geology in the field. This is how I got in touch with a mining company based in Quebec. They offered me a prospecting internship.

I spent a month at the company headquarters to get acquainted with the various mining aspects in Quebec and the expectations of my company. This theoretical part also allowed me to assimilate a set of cartographic, geophysical and geochemical data for the orientation of the future phase of prospecting in the field. Once the snow melted, I switched to the practical part, that is to say the field from May to August, accompanied by a forestry technician for the compulsory safety in the forests. I believe that my university training in Montpellier has prepared me to enter the job market. I will never forget the courses, how useful and now valuable mineralogy, petrology, ductile tectonics as well as field teachings are.

I work now for a gold company and I am preparing the next mission on geophysical acquisition. However, concerning career development, nothing is really established. The hiring demand for these mining-oriented jobs is exploding in Canada. So I think opportunities will expand in the near future for well prepared graduated students.