During my curriculum I did my 6 month internship in a French mining exploration company, working in northern Niger. I really enjoyed exploration including being abroad. I developed my skills in 3D modeling. I was contacted by Schlumberger a few months after my graduation. I was offered to join the SIS segment in Rio de Janeiro!

The oil industry is a sector that is expanding everywhere, despite the bad reputation regarding the environmental impact that sometimes the oil companies can have, which is in my opinion exaggerated. From the inside we are well-placed to know that many measures are being put in place to limit the impact of oil activities on the environment and a lot of money is spent to train staff to avoid incidents as much as possible.

Now my job at Schlumberger is « Support Geologist ». I am part of the Schlumberger Informations Solutions (SIS) segment which offers its customers technical and scientific support on the products developed by Schlumberger (Petrel, geoFrame, Techlog and soon Igeoss). We also deliver trainings for customers, on specific software modules or to introduce new functionalities. We work on the premises of our clients. So their questions about software are processed faster, it also allows to have a better relationship with them. We also see how it works in the various companies and we meet a lot of people, it also makes it possible to create an address book.

It is a job that requires knowledge in various fields of geology, such as geophysics, geomechanics and petrophysics. I have to combine logging techniques and drill interpretation with an understanding of hydrocarbon geology in order to check the quality of data from Schlumberger or independent companies. The aim is to better evaluate the architecture of the reservoir, its hydrocarbon content, its lithology… I also participate to various trainings at Schlumberger in order to improve our skills. I travel a lot and meet colleagues working in other countries, which is always very enriching, and we spend great moments. It means that it is absolutely necessary to be mobile and motivated to go and work abroad. It is also a challenge to adapt to new countries and cultures. This implies a certain flexibility and qualities of adaptability and socialization in addition to professional qualities!

A good advice for everyone: you always have to be motivated, ready to leave the « comfort zone » for a while, not to be afraid of a different country or a different language, never give up and remain proactive.