I was doing another master degree with general geoscience, but I found it not specialized enough so I decided to go for a master who meet my expectations. I did at this point hesitate between this master, an engineering school and a master in Netherlands (Delft). After talking around and talk with the head master of each type of master I choose the one in Montpellier.

My expectations were really high about this master I wanted to be more specialized, doing a lot of field trips, having an overview of différent fields, meet professionals and of course having fun doing my passion. At the end the master did match everything I was expecting, we have been trained well but still with a lot of liberty. I felt free to learn my way, doing a lot of team / group work even tho sometimes it was intense at the end be able to understand from the field trip through the theory was really rewarding.

As well the master is really recognized across the professional companies in France and slowly abroad as well. All the former student are ambassadors of this master and represent it around the world!

During my second year of master degree I did an internship with Beicip franlab a french consultant company, at the end of my internship I have been contacted by total for an interview who ended up by a VIE (being a volunteer for international company) with them in Norway – I spent awesome time there discovering the world of international business work – met a new culture – travelling a lot and of course did a lot of geology! It was as well a great way to enlarge my network . When I was in Norway another company contacted me to hire me as a borehole images specialist – it is my actual Job in Baker Hughes. I basically performed the data analysis of LWD  ( logging while drilling) and WL (wireline) imaging logging. I can either follow in real-time what is happening and advise the clients that we can see nice features such as fault / fractures / problem In the hole stability / or wait that the logging is done and do a full QC / processing / full interpretation ( until facies analysis / correlation). The main target in this job is the challenge to start a project and be able to jump in it quickly! As well it can be a lot of pressure considering the fact that the all drilling depend on your advices – but the best part in my job is the team work so with the strong support of my team I manage within couple of years to be almost independent – to grow my network to win the trust of my clients.

Since I’m living in Den Haag in Netherlands I’m able to socialize a lot across technical associations such as SPE ( society of petroleum engineer) or even the Dutch petrophysical society, the aapg and many more. In our geological small world it’s really important to be known from others for good reasons and that start already in the master.

In conclusion I had a pretty smooth way no due to luck but to an hard constant investment thanks to the great master and work experiences I have been thru.