Since I am a child I always loved mysteries of the Universe and the planet Earth. So, I have naturally chosen Geology courses at university. Then I found sedimentology and the oil sector very interesting and I applied to the Master GER.

My university education has brought me a very good background in petroleum and field geology, and more particularly in sedimentology and sequential stratigraphy. The training also brought me an imposing method of rigor and thinking. Finally, the critical sense is something primordial in this job.

I also participated to the IBA (Imperial Barrel Award) competition, organized by the AAPG. This experience was fantastic ! It allowed me to touch what a career in exploration geology can be, how exciting it is. We developed our skills in various fields of petroleum geology, from seismic interpretation, log interpretation, timing, basin modeling, to economics. The taste of challenge, the teamwork, short deadlines are all what is needed in this sector. We were then largely rewarded as we were very proud of presenting our work in front of an international jury, showing our skills acquired at the university of Montpellier.

After my graduation I negociated a one-year sponsored job in Norway with TOTAL. In fact I did not have to wait too long to be hired. For now I intend to settle in Norway. It is good to live. All the economic problems that other countries could know do not exist thanks to the oil windfall. And it is quite close to France if there is need to refuel in cheeses and sausages 🙂

The quality of my work is recognized in this country, so I would try my best to do my job. Then why not change to a warmer country? With a good experience, I can then export myself almost everywhere.