Earth Dynamics and Natural Hazards

A high level bilingual degree focusing on the dynamics of our planet Earth in order to improve its management and better understand geological natural hazards linked to its dynamics.

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Geology of Exploration and Reservoirs

One of the top applied Master in Geosciences focused on exploration. In order to sustain our needs, the 21st century will face a major challenge in ressources and energy.

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of full time employment (excl. PhD) one year after graduation.

Entry requirements

The applicants must have a Licence degree (+3 years curriculum after the bachelor degree) or equivalent in any science domain. It is not restricted to Earth Sciences as we are more interested in your overall ability than in the precise content of your pre-university studies. However, applicants should note that achieving the minimum entrance requirement will not guarantee an offer of admission as we have many more applicants than available places. There are no restrictions about the country of origin.

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Communication, enjoying the field, curiosity and the desire to learn.

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Roser Hoste Colomer

Master DTRN
Flavia Girard

Flavia Girard

Master GER

I’m lecturer in sedimentary geology. My interest is in siliciclastic (in particular glacial) environments. I teach equally in class and in the field general geology, siliciclastic and carbonate sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and digital mapping.

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