The application process depends on your country of origin. French and EU students can apply online without any specific requirements following the European rules. If you are from a country outside European Community, you may be asked to apply through the Campus France (Etudes en France) process. Please visit the How to Apply section for more details.

Entry requirements

The minimum entry requirement is a Licence 3 (Honours degree) in science or related topics.

Professionals with different qualifications but relevant industrial experience are also encouraged to apply. Applicants should note that achieving the minimum entrance requirement from a single sitting of exams will not guarantee an offer of admission. We have many more applicants than places, and most of them meet our minimum entrance requirements. Consequently, we may need to ask for more than the minimum. An applicant’s academic profile will normally be the most significant factor in our decision making. Additionally, certain features of the personal statement may help to strengthen an applicant’s case.

All candidates must demonstrate a minimum level of French or English language proficiency for admission to the University. Specific courses in French or English are given for free at the beginning of the first year. In consequence you will be asked to provide a detailed CV and a cover letter at least.

How to apply

French and EU students

Applications are open from Mid-March to Mid-June every years. All applicants must visit the eCandidat online application. You have to create an online account first. This account will then be used all along your curriculum at University. You will need to upload documents with your applications, which may include CV, cover letter, transcripts and degree certificates among other documents. You must apply following the path to the STPE Mention (Sciences de la Terre, des Planètes et de l’Environnement) and then select either the DTRN program, the GER program or both.

Other countries

Depending on your country of origin, applicants must apply following the Campus France process (Etudes en France) of the related country of birth (not the country of living). All details are provided online at: or at the french ambassy of the country. Please be advised that this is a long process (several months) depending on the country of origin.


In case you need more informations about requirements or if you wish an advice about your future application, do not hesitate to contact us.